Grave Danger – “Too Ghoul for School”

About the Project

Grave Danger started as a joke. A few of us had played together in a ska band years ago and the idea of a skath (ska/goth) band came up as a running gag. At some point I just started writing some spooky ska songs and they worked so we made it a real thing and have kept it alive (or at least undead) by putting out new music almost every Halloween since.

“Too Ghoul For School” leans a little bit more into the “rock with horns” side of “ska” but still embodies the ethos of the band. Based on a simple pun and a commitment to putting something clever in almost every line, the song meanders through the exploits and accolades of the most popular ghost in school. As a bonus, it also features my then 1 year old son’s first recording credit, singing “ghooooool” in the chorus.

The band has really been a distributed project with people on this record spread out across three different states at the time of recording. A first demo is written and we collaborate by sending mp3s and sheet music around by email. Many of the parts were recorded in home studios but some people also went into Waysound to record.

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“Grave Danger is a monster of a project. With a four piece horn section, layered vocals, multiple guitars, organ, synth, bass, and drums (all recorded in a variety of places) it was no easy task for the engineers at Waysound to tame this beast. Justin and his team were incredibly accommodating of our async way of working and ultimately worked their magic with this weird and fun project. I can’t imagine it turning out as well as it did without their help.”

Gear Spotlight

Silver Bullet
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Pultec EQ

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