The Marquis Brothers

‘Carry Me Home’ is an acoustic duo recorded with the help of some studio musicians to give it a full band sound. This Folk/Americana song features acoustic guitar, upright bass, banjo, vocals, drums and other percussive elements that were recorded using an overdub technique. This same technique has been used by many similar artists to achieve a well polished finished product like the sample you hear here. Elements, including ambient room mics, have been added to various parts of the recording to preserve the “Live” feel that this genre is known for.

“It was half written while in my car driving home and the other half while we were finishing up a trip in northern Wisconsin. It’s a song about traveling home to what is familiar and enjoying the journey with what is around you either it being friends, family, or just scenery. It’s the people and the experience that carry you home. – Jimmy Marquis.”

Jimmy and Dan Marquis are known as The Marquis Brothers, and are a new innovative songwriting team that sing from the roots and write from experience in Midwestern living.



“Waysound gave us the opportunity to test our musical conceptions and turn them into the songs we have in our heads…The attention to detail and time that is put into each song that we worked on makes you feel that the song you are working on is truly a piece of living art, its one of those it’s the journey not the destination things; that is what sets Waysound apart; but the destination also sounds pretty damn cool.” – Jimmy Marquis