Cornelius and the Sled Dogs – “Bones in the Yard”

About the Project

Bones in the Yard was the first tune written by Elise Bessemer and Kelton Kennen while Sled Dogs drummer Treven Lempa was away at college in the UK. When he came back, the band was finally ready to start working on their first EP, and Bones in the Yard was the first song to be picked up. Closing out the EP, Bones in the Yard starts with a great blues-rock riff and lyrics about working your way through tough situations. The end of Bones in the Yard hits hard with a wave of backing harmonies that were layered over and over to get a large choir effect. 


“Waysound Studio was an amazing place to record at! Justin, Jake, and the rest of the crew were a ton of fun to work with and very accommodating. They worked fast, efficient, and were willing to try any of the ideas we had. They also offered great feedback for our music, adding in their own ideas and input to help make the songs better. We’ll definitely be back to record again at Waysound!”

Gear Spotlight

Peluso P12
Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet
Avalon VT 737sp
(2) Shure SM57
Shure Beta57
(3) Sennheiser MD421
Royer 121
Mesa Boogie Subway D-800

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