About Waysound

Waysound Recording works with artists and businesses on their audio and video needs. From studio recording, mixing, promotional videos, to live events, we have you covered.

Our clients are able to take advantage of a comfortable tracking room and impressive microphone collection while working one-on-one with an experienced audio engineer. We provide competitive rates along with a no hassle approach to scheduling and project management.

At our studio, we provide quality and value to every client. Each artist and business is treated with dignity and respect. With reliable services and flexible scheduling, we strive to be the best. Our hope is to drive community involvement to support artists and local businesses in their endeavors.

The studio is fitted with top gear and carefully tuned rooms working together to create a professional product. We work with bands, solo artists, businesses, film makers, and local schools, providing quality recording on everything from basic demos, webinars, podcasts, music videos, commercials, feature films to full length albums.