Dave Barrett – “Touch and Go”

About the Project

I never planned on recording again. After my last endeavor “Fate and Stitches,” life took over and my guitar sat in the corner gathering dust. Between work and raising a daughter, writing went by the wayside. I would strum here and there, but over the years the callouses on my finger tips faded and I lived on fond memories of band days past while folding loads of laundry.

Then, after we entered the alternate universe when life came to a screaming halt, and like many of us, I got bored. I started staring more and more at that guitar sitting in the corner gathering dust. So in the summer of 2020, I picked it up and started strumming but I didn’t think I had anything to say. A year later I had a notebook full of songs, which I called The Covid Writing Sessions, and from that came this new album Stockton Ave Vol 1.


“What can I say about Justin LeBreck and Waysound Recordings  This album would not have been possible without him at the controls. He is the only person I have ever met who was able to pull the shit I heard in my head and get it recorded. I can honestly say we did not have a bad session.  Even the mistakes worked in our favor –  because of his talent.  The hours we sat together with keyboard and guitar in hand helped me give each song their own personality.”

Gear Spotlight

AEA R88 Ribbon Microphone 
C414B-XL II Microphone 
AEA RPQ 500 Preamp 
Silver Bullett Tone Amp
Dangerous Compressor
Pultec EQ
Neve 1073
Peluso P12 Microphone 
Avalon VT 373sp channel strip
Roland RD700SX
East West Strings plugin

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