Deondre Anson – “Pressure”

About the Project

“Pressure” is a widely relatable record about our favorite friend ‘booze’ being our coping mechanism for heartbreak.

Two artists that inspire me the most are Frank Ocean and The Weeknd so, I’d say you’d find a lot of their influence in my pop-rap.


“Recording sessions at Waysound are extremely smooth all thanks to Justin’s efficiency and creative mind! I can’t imagine getting a better product elsewhere then here and definitely will be coming back for future projects!”

It’s been almost two years since my first recording session at Waysound and I have been there numerous times since. Justin, the engineer, has done an astounding job on every project of mine, bringing whatever I’m envisioning into light.. or into sound rather. Highly recommend taking your creativity to Waysound, as what will result is truly impressive!”

Gear Spotlight

iSK 2B Beauty
Avalon VT 737sp

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