Adam Reese – “Throwback Tracks”

About the Project

“Throwback Tracks” is the fourth song on my debut album “Mad to Live”. The song went through multiple versions before arriving at its current form. The chorus came first and remained consistent throughout, but the verses and instrumentation changed a lot. 

I was going through a breakup at the time so I started to imagine how I would like to meet someone new. I kept envisioning a party with all of my good friends and someone I haven’t seen before is playing old songs on the radio off in the corner. I was thinking of songs by Blink-182 and Eminem; two of my favorite artists from my childhood.

I love the simple idea of meeting someone through song and dance, where the party and music are so loud that you have to kind of shout to communicate. It feels like the most natural way to me and I think that’s why the song has such an easy flow. When I finally got the song to a good point I showed a demo to my close friends and family and they said “it’s cute as hell”….not exactly what I was going for haha but I’ll take it. 

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“Mad to Live”
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“I’ve been recording with Justin since I was 19 (I’m 33 now). My band from high school/college recorded with him way back when he had a home studio at his parent’s house. Even back then, I knew this producer was something special. He’s fast, efficient and has very creative ideas behind the mixing board. Completing each project has been a breeze as well, due to his extremely quick response rate outside of the studio. Justin definitely gives each song his all and lets you know about every correction he makes throughout the process. To this day, I have recorded three EP’s and one full length album with Justin. I’ve loved every experience and every result. I will definitely be back soon!”

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Silver Bullet
Dangerous Compressor
Pulteq EQ

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