Swim Lessons – “Same Old Story”

About the Project

“Same Old Story” is a one sided love letter.  The writing came easy. It’s as if everything fell into place. We knew we had something special right away. It came from a place of honesty, empathy, and growth in life and in craft.

The video had to capture our message from this song. We had a few places in mind when we started brainstorming. Kingpin Lanes became the perfect back drop to our “story”. It’s local, it was meaningful, and it served the song.  Same goes for why we chose to work with Waysound.


“We knew we wanted to share something larger than life. That’s why we reached out to Waysound. Justin shared our passion and vision, and provided us excellence. Communication was clear and easy from day one. Directing during the shoot was effective and quick. The quality of edits and the final product : A dream come true. 

“Waysound really took us there. We will, without a doubt, be working together again.”

Gear Spotlight

Arri Alexa Mini
Movi Pro Stabilizer
ReadyRig GS Kit
Canon CN-E Prime Lens Kit
Kino Flow Celeb Light Kit
Kessler Second Shooter Slider

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