Live Performance – 6 Cameras

About the Project

6 Camera Large Production Musical
Recorded and edited by Waysound


“We have been so fortunate to work with Waysound over the past several years. You will not find anyone who cares more about his service, product, and clients than Justin LeBreck. He is a consummate professional and an expert in his craft (both audio and video) who works tirelessly to produce the best possible product. His kindness and generosity are unmatched, and he is truly a joy and pleasure to work with.”

Gear Spotlight

(3) BMPCC4k
(1) BMPCC6k Pro
(1) DJI Pocket 2
Canon L-Series Zoom Lenses
Tilta Nucleus Lens Control System
Wiral Cable Camera System
Kessler Second-Shooter Motorized Slider
Zoom F8 Field Recorder

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