Rekha S. Rajan – “This is Music: Drums”

About the Project

This introduction to a family of musical instruments for our youngest listeners is dynamic and engaging. Listeners hear the different types of instruments in the family during the introduction of the book. The sounds are then matched with the name, purpose and other facts for each specific instrument. Listeners are invited to “name that sound” at the end of the recording.  


As a professional musician, I was so excited to have the opportunity to get back into the studio to record the audio for my children’s book series: THIS IS MUSIC. Justin and Jake at Waysound were incredible! They had the studio prepped for my session and provided feedback and suggestions. My children also had the opportunity to record instruments for the books and we all felt incredibly welcome. Justin and Jake made the whole process a wonderful experience for all of us. We are excited to go back and record more books!

Gear Spotlight

AKG C414
RME Fireface UFX+

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