Charisse Sisou – “Shameless”

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A guide for the modern-day woman who leads: entrepreneur, executive, changemaker, warrior, healer, mother, midwife, maverick, crone. One of many women who have been called: To right imbalance. End injustice. Heal people and environment. Speak the truth. And shift the planet. But first, your people have to find you. Your purpose drives you—but you hide, behind keyboard or overcommitted schedule. You remain a “best-kept secret.” You feel disconnected from your brand. You’ve plateaued and can’t seem to increase your reach. This book gives you the tools to change all that. You’ll learn how to turn up the volume on your visibility and presence, accessing untapped reserves of wisdom, guidance and power—by clearing the shame that binds us, and restoring our trust in ourselves. “Shameless comes from a place of deep truth.” —Kimberly Robb Baker, Chief Career Storyteller,

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“Justin and the team at Waysound made me feel welcome and at home right from the start – and I was a newbie to working in a professional recording studio! The experience was a pleasure, the team was SO supportive, and the end result (my audiobook), AMAZING. One of the next-level parts of the experience: when we couldn’t find a good sound clip to use for the introduction, we spontaneously created the auditory experience of a traditional Egyptian wedding procession, right there on the spot! It was so fun and sounded incredible. Waysound is my go-to recording studio; I highly recommend Justin and his expert team.”

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AKG C414
RME Fireface UFX+

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