Festive Foreign Film Fans Podcast

About the Project

Bob and Mark are regular American guys exploring different countries and cultures through the holiday experience of Christmas.  They enjoy festive movies, music, food, and customs, all from the Waysound studios in Fox River Grove, IL.  Each episode features the two visiting a new international location.  It’s like a global Christmas party!


“When we started our podcast, neither of us had ever done anything like this.  Jake was incredibly helpful, getting us started and helping us to understand the process.  He is patient, informative, and, best of all, able to listen to our creative concepts and bring them to life.  Not only does Jake record and edit our episodes, but he has also made us a trailer, a commercial, and some humorous audio drop-ins to start the show.  We consider Jake an integral member of our team!”

Gear Spotlight

(2) SM7b
Cloudlifter Cl-1
RME Fireface UFX+

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