Jim Wojdyla – Mya Papaya – Sample Video

Filmed at various elementary schools, this was a fun promo to create because it had some adorable content to work with. We did a two camera video shoot for their book readings in the school gym and library, then we were able to film testimonials and grab some b-roll during their book signing event. With the candid responses from children, heartfelt testimonies from teachers, and the stylish graphics we created to showcase their book, we ended up creating quite the unique and effective promotional video.


“Working with Waysound was refreshingly professional. When preparing for shooting, they thought of scenes I didn’t think about and added ideas that really maximized my message and intent. Waysound shows up early, shows up prepared and shows a finished product that meets my high expectations of how my brand should be represented. I highly recommend them.“

Jim Wojdyla, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Marketer, Illustrator, Author, Speaker