Wedding Highlight Reel

About the Project

When my now husband and I began our wedding planning journey, we knew we wanted a videographer. We started looking a various websites and realized that prices and packages varied so widely. We also were not versed in what equipment or skill set we should look for in a videographer. After months of searching, I thought who is a videographer that I trust?! Do we have any existing relationships?! I immediately thought of Justin, the owner of Waysound. I knew from previous work and the current website that wedding videos were not offered. I thought at minimum he might be willing to help us understand what to look for in a videographer. What did I have to lose and I loved working with him in the past, you know? It had been years since I spoke to him because we moved states. He answered quickly and his kindness and expertise is unparalleled. While we were conversing, he shared he wanted to start making wedding videos. In turned, it prompted me to ask if he would be willing to travel states and film for us. To our joyous surprise, we were able to work something out. 


Please work with the Waysound Team. You will not find better. Justin listens to your desires and most importantly, he is honest with you about what is feasible. We also had voice in the entire process and the finished product is everything you ask and more. I was surprised by the amount of details Justin and Jake captured. He broke up our documentary style videos into smaller segments so we don’t have to sit through a 2 hour video! We even got to pick out the music. Our wedding videos will forever be treasured. Like we said, please work with the Waysound Team. They are the best!”

Gear Spotlight

(2) BMPCC6k Pro
DJI Pocket 2
DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro
ReadyRig GS Stabilizer + Pro Arm
Zoom F8 Field Recorder
Canon L-series Zoom Lenses

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