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Dan Quinn, Co-Owner of What We Make — “We spent years trying to find someone to create a video that captures our business. Justin was able to help us tell our story with beauty and an artistic flare. Waysound is truly a unique one stop shop for all your video and sound needs! We recommend them highly!”
David Prusina, Crying Side of Town — “For me, Waysound is a studio where I can feel at home and relaxed, which allows me to make the best music I can make. Owner/Producer/Engineer, Justin LeBreck is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating (not to mention, an all around nice guy). He has the FASTEST editing hand I have ever seen (no joke)! Any artist seeking a recording experience where the people, equipment, and atmosphere are all top of the line..... go to Waysound!”
Jim Wojdyla, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Marketer, Illustrator, Author, Speaker — “Working with Waysound was refreshingly professional. When preparing for shooting, they thought of scenes I didn’t think about and added ideas that really maximized my message and intent. Waysound shows up early, shows up prepared and shows a finished product that meets my high expectations of how my brand should be represented. I highly recommend them.“
Mike Barzacchini, director, Marketing Services, Harper College — “Waysound helped us produce Harper College’s first online Honors Convocation ceremony with outstanding results. We had a tight deadline and many moving parts. Waysound was instrumental in making sure the project was completed on time with high-quality results.” “I can’t say enough about the great work Waysound provided in helping produce Harper College’s first online Honors Convocation ceremony.” “I look forward to working with Waysound on projects for Harper College because I know we’re always going to receiving outstanding service and results.” “We’ve worked with Waysound on dozens of different projects, always with high-quality results.”
Todd Somers, President & CEO, Somers Family Specialties, LLC — “It’s a real pleasure to work with Waysound. Our company has utilized their video production services, and we’ve been extremely pleased with their high-quality results. Justin LeBreck is a true professional!”
Marquis Brothers
Jimmy Marquis, The Marquis Brothers — “Waysound gave us the opportunity to test our musical conceptions and turn them into the songs we have in our heads. The attention to detail and time that is put into each song that we worked on makes you feel that the song you are working on is truly a piece of living art, its one of those it's the journey not the destination things; that is what sets Waysound apart; but the destination also sounds pretty damn cool.”
Grace Kinstler, Singer and Songwriter — “Waysound is an awesome place to record at! Justin provides a super comfortable atmosphere where I feel confident placing my ideas in his hands as a producer. Him and Jake are both personable and fun to work with, and they ensure a positive experience for all who come in!”
Larry Breidenbach — “Every minute spent with Justin - from the planning stage, to recording, to mixing and to the delivery of the finished product - is dealt with experience, kindness, and a desire on his part to bring you to the highest level of performance and satisfaction. I have recorded two albums with Justin plus a single track used for a wedding. The entire experience has been a joy each time. He knows his stuff, his equipment is top-line and your time is not wasted. I have recommended him to others and will always look forward to working with him again in the near future.”
Jason Krigas - Chicagoland Voices — “I can’t say enough about our experiences with Justin and Waysound. We have had nothing but outstanding experiences with the quality and professionalism of our recordings. We have had quite a bit of positive feedback about the picture quality of our most recent DVDs. We knew the sound quality would be great since our previous recordings with Waysound were outstanding. But the quality of the video was just as good! As a director it is very easy to work with Justin because he pays so much attention to the details. I know I can count on him to think of everything that we need to make sure our project is outstanding. I am very pleased with the work he has done with our group and I look forward to the next recording we do with Waysound.”
Mitch Russon — “Justin has an amazing understanding of the musical arts. He has an unprecedented vision for his clients and the ability to make it a reality. He has an ear for great music and the skills to produce it. I will always work with this talented artist.”
Jacob Polancich — “I have recorded twice at Waysound and I can honestly say that these guys are as professional and reliable as it gets! They were also outstanding for our live gigs. From the moment I sound check to the last note on the mix, I am always treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Their priority is to make sure you have a professional, high-quality product at an affordable price...period. As a music educator and musician, I know I'm in good hands with Justin and John I look forward to many more projects together!”
Cammeron Sims — “The session was an amazing new experience for me. Getting into an official studio made it a lot easier to work on my craft. Great environment and Justin brought off good energy and made me feel comfortable. Most of all the rates were affordable and I feel I got a bang for every buck.”