Other Services


Waysound is proud to offer audio/visual installation and support services at your home or business. If you are looking for installation of a home entertainment system, whole house speaker system, distributed sound system, video feed, or support for your commercial audio visual needs, Waysound is a fully insured and cost-effective option. We also offer free estimates for our fast, professional and friendly services, so you can make sure that you are getting the best value for the services that you need.

We offer competitive rates for all of our installation services. In order for us to properly quote your project please contact us directly. We offer free on-site estimates so that every detail is accounted for.


Waysound is not only a fully functional recording studio that allows musicians to create and record their own music projects, we are also fully equipped to compose and produce music and sound effects that are specifically tailored to your needs. This service is perfect for clients who need music composed for film, television, live theater performances, radio and more. Waysound utilizes an extensive list of talented and capable studio musicians for every genre in order to create the sounds and moods that each project needs. If our clients have a vision, Waysound can bring it to life through music and sound with our multi-channel capabilities that are perfect for surround sound applications. Waysound prides itself on it’s quick editing capabilities and short turnaround time to help our clients meet all of their deadlines.

Our sound design and music composition services vary greatly depending on the size of each project. For a customized estimate please contact us directly. We look forward to working with you!


At Waysound, our number one priority is the success of our clients. In order to help them increase their brand recognition and promote their project or business, we offer many options in our print and design department. We pride ourselves in our multimedia creation and distribution abilities, including CD, DVD, and vinyl duplication and replication and graphic design services for printed material, web design, video and more. We also offer our clients the opportunity to produce a large selection of promotional materials including T-shirts, key chains, reusable grocery bags, flash drives, ect. If our clients can put a logo on it, we will create and produce it! We promise our clients quick turnaround times and we are fully equipped for rush orders should our clients need their promotional materials fast!

We offer a variety of design and print services ranging from CD/DVD duplication to T-Shirts. If you should need assistance with creative designing, our standard editing and design prices are listed below. For a customized estimate on product printing and manufacturing please contact us directly. *digital proofs included with design services. Hard proofs available at an additional cost.


Whether you are interested in advertising on radio and TV, creating a movie trailer, narrating an audio book, or recording your own podcast, Waysound is ready to help you meet all of your voice-over recording needs. With a wide range of experienced voice-over artists and personalities available, Waysound is well-equipped to create the narration to any project that comes our way. Clients who would like to do their own voice-over work can enjoy the quiet and comfortable recording environment of our studio as they work on their project. Our audio engineers and producers will ensure that your final product is of the highest quality through our professional mastering process. Clients will be able to receive their projects quickly and easily in any format that they choose.

For a customized estimate, contact us directly to help budget your project with us. If you are looking for voice-over talent to include in your project, we work with a broad range of actors with unique voice styles and tones and are happy to make a recommendation. Facilities and engineer included with all studio recording services.


Waysound and its professional audio engineers are excited to offer their services for live show production. Our professional and friendly staff is the perfect choice for any event, large or small, that requires live sound production or recording. Whether it is a music performance, festival, corporate presentation, or a sporting event, Waysound has everything our clients need for dependable sound, including professional lighting and lighting design! We are also available for video production and live video feeds, and are happy to serve our clients in all of their many multimedia needs.

We offer competitive rates for all of our live show production services. In order for us to properly quote your project please contact us directly. We offer free on-site estimates so that every detail is accounted for.