Video Editing

Whether you are interested in using video to build your brand, engage your audience on social media sites, or capture lasting memories of the happiest days of your life, Waysound has everything you need to create a product that will exceed your expectations! Waysound can provide expertise in every step of the video creation process. Our video engineers are eager to help our clients with planning their video shoot or special event to ensure detail is accounted for. We have equipment and staff to accommodate any size shoot, whether it is an intimate creative project, or a large corporate event. Clients will also receive individualized attention and input during the editing and final cut process in order to achieve the best possible results. Clients can also rest assured that they will receive their video in a timely manner in the format that they desire, whether it be for DVD, web, TV, or film. Waysound also has DVD duplication services available if our clients are interested in quick distribution of their projects to multiple sources! Contact Us for more information!


Waysound specializes in video editing and post production. Whether you need someone to edit your raw footage, enhance an existing video, or create original animations, we are your one stop shop! We excel in:

  • Splicing together multiple videos
  • Adding motion graphics and animations to highlight key points
  • Animating logos
  • Color correcting footage
  • Color matching different cameras to look more alike
  • Sound design (adding sound effects and music to enhance viewer experience)
  • Mastering audio for videos being produced for film, TV, or the web
  • Video and audio restoration, i.e., removing tape noise, background noise, etc.
  • Creating typography videos from quotes or audio recordings
  • Imposing PPT slides into previously filmed presentations
  • Reformatting and optimizing videos for distribution on social media
  • Keying (removing) green screen from video and superimposing images
  • Creating explainer videos for products or services


Every project is different, and we take that into consideration. For a customized estimate for a video shoot or editing please contact us directly.