Studio Recording

  • Waysound Recording truly believes in providing the highest quality recording possible using today's latest technology. You can take advantage of our large tracking roomand microphone collection while working one-on-one with our experienced audio engineer. We work with a variety of genres and group sizes on everything from basic demos to full length albums.


    Focus on Quality

    Our business model is based around repeat customers. When our clients are happy, so are we. This motivating factor ensures that every project is given the same focus in terms of quality and care needed to create amazing finished products


    Full Production

    In addition to our capacity as a music recording studio, Waysound offers a wide variety of other production services. From video production to live sound engineering, we have the equipment and expertise to complete your next project on-time and on-budget.

Recording Rates

  • For a customized estimate, contact us directly to help budget your project with us. Facilities and engineer included with all studio recording services.



Sample Projects

  • Martin Lopez

    Traditional/Instrumental - Hungarian string ensemble piece featuring violin, guitar and more read more...

  • The Shapeshaggers

    Rock - Full band production featuring electric guitar, organ, vocals, bass guitar, drums and other percussive elements

  • Cammeron Sims

    Rap/Hip-Hop - Solo vocals with a pre-recorded instrumental track read more...

  • Larry Breidenbach

    Vocal/Jazz - Solo Singer recording mixed with pre-recorded instrumental track read more...

  • Imran Mandani

    Pop/Dance - Solo vocalist featuring background instrumentals created by artist and composer in-studio at Waysound read more...

  • Anxiety

    Rock - Full band production featuring multiple layers of guitar & vocals, bass guitar, drums and other melodic elements read more...

  • The Marquis Brothers

    Folk/Country - Full band production featuring vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, bass guitar, drums and other percussive elements read more...

  • Gerard Lockett

    R&B/Hip-Hop - Solo singer production featuring rap vocals and a pre-recorded background track read more...

  • David Prusina

    Folk/Country - Full Band production featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, drums and other percussive elements read more...

6 Reasons to Work With Us!

  • Quality

    We feature state of the art equipment, intelligently designed acoustics, and staff that strives for quality with every project.

  • Convenience

    Flexible online scheduling makes it easy to view weekday and weekend availability to schedule your session or book a free tour.

  • Experience

    With over 10 years serving the audio community, we have worked with hundreds of clients and belong to a number of great organizations.

  • Community

    Each year, we give back to the local community by donating thousands of dollars in studio time to benefit schools and other non-profit organizations.

  • Creativity

    Our talented producers and engineers are always open to try new and innovative techniques to capture the unique sound that the artist envisions.

  • Efficiency

    Structured sessions along with an organized workflow designed for each client help to make sure each project is done on-time and on-budget.

Professional Recording Services

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