Imran Mandani

Justin LeBreck really helped me make the giant leap from a Singer/Songwriter with a just pen and a pad to a Professional Recording Artist...

Not only is he a quality Audio Engineer and Producer, but he is also patient and a terrific coach. He sat down with me and really listened to what kind of artist I am, the sound I am going for, what songs inspire me, and the best way to structure a song based off of all of that. In addition, he is proactive and gives recommendations at all the right times during the sessions. The studio is lounge like and modest yet aesthetically pleasing, and Justin has all the modern equipment and software needed to make a great recording. I built rapport with this guy, feel we have a great communication and see myself working on future projects." - Imran Mandani

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About The Project

'Beneath The Ocean Tide' fuses EDM with Hip Hop as the melody is upbeat and fast tempo and fits the Genres of Electronica, Dance Club, Trip Hop, Synthpop, and Hip House. Instrumentation was created in-house using various studio synths and plugins. Vocal effects contain hints of vocal techniques used in the Genres of Dream Pop, Psychedelic and Trance music including stacking, pitch shifting, vocal pitch correction, and various other spacial effects. The music is purposely created in such a way as to make it easy to be remixed to anything from Dub step to Progressive House.


About The Song

"Beneath The Ocean Tide" is the second original Dance/Hip Hop song off my first album, Abstract Brown. It is a fast tempo dance-club song incorporating the use of synthesizers reminiscent of 80s and 90s Dance music but with a very modern twist. Nonetheless, the song's focal point are the Hip Hop lyrics, which tell the story of two kindred spirits who once connected with each other on a spiritual and emotional level, but currently experience "ocean tides" of setbacks that hinder intimacy. The lyrics depict the woman as having once been "broken pieced together." Her conflicting emotions causes the man to explain to her that he wants to "navigate her mind." The lyrics contain abstracts and metaphors as the man conveys to her that he truly cares for her and has lots of gratitude toward her, no matter what she thinks. She kept her heart like "buried treasure" but he'll dive beneath the ocean tide to find it. - Imran Mandani


About The Artist

I get my influence from a wide range of Genres and Artists not necessarily related to Hip Hop or Dance music, my audience, on the other hand, will include teenagers upward to people near their 40s who have a taste for Mainstream Hip Hop and Dance music. Audience will typically include lovers of Top 40, 90’s Freestyle Music, EDM, Techno, Dub step, Hip Hop, House, Progressive, Techno, Trance, or anything you’ll hear at a Nightclub. There is heavy emphasis on the lyrics and most of my songs have a subtle philosophical and spiritual feel to them. As a Hip Hop Artist I "keep it real" by staying true to my personal experiences in relationships, love, nightlife, and growing up as a minority in America. My image is that of "Business Professional" and cover art and graphic design that accompanies my music usually has an abstract and ethereal feel to it.


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