Justin LeBreck

Owner & Producer


Waysound was created by producer/engineer Justin LeBreck, a graduate of Saint Mary's University with a degree in Music Recording Technology. Music has been a passion for Justin from a very young age; studying piano, guitar, and vocal performance.

Justin has worked alongside Grammy winning artists and engineers producing and recording for hundreds of clients. Through his experience, Justin is able to fully understand both the music theory and technical variations in music and production which lead him to create Waysound.

“You won’t find another studio that matches our commitment
to quality, comfort, and great customer service”– Justin LeBreck

With the expansion of the music industry to the Chicago suburbs, Justin is bringing his dream of the once unrealistic studio prices down to a level to which every artist, writer, producer, and filmmaker can afford.


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Featured Artists

  • David Prusina

    For me, Waysound is a studio where I can feel at home and relaxed, which allows me to make the best music I can make...

  • Anxiety

    Everytime I go to Waysound I am very happy with the way the sessions flow. It is a very comfortable relaxing studio...

  • Cammeron Sims

    The session was an amazing new experience for me. Getting into an official studio made it a lot easier to work on my craft...

  • Martin Lopez

    Waysound has been our recording studio since the beginning of its existence. Our 4 Strings Attached violin Performing group...

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