Cammeron Sims

The session was an amazing new experience for me. Getting into an official studio made it a lot easier to work on my craft...

Great environment and Justin brought off good energy and made me feel comfortable. Most of all the rates were affordable and I feel I got a bang for every buck." - Cammeron Sims

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About The Project

'Dead Presidents' is a rap/hip-hop solo project that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Waysound. This track features multiple layers of vocals blended with a single stereo backing track. The layers of vocals give the track a large and complex sound that fills the soundscape with each verse & chorus. The process for this recording was done using an overdub technique. This same technique has been used by many similar artists to achieve a well polished finished product like the sample you hear here. The post production process involved for this track was focused mainly aligning the layers of vocals and blending dynamics with the backing track.


About The Artist/Song

My music is very much imagery. I feed off a lot of things I've experienced or experiences of others I know and try my best to paint pictures to relate it to my music. In terms of "Dead Presidents" which was changed to "GhettoFairytales Pt.1" I based it off a movie I ran across entitled "Paid In Full". To anyone who's seen the film will know for sure the art I put into the song after hearing it. - Cammeron Sims


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