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Sep 25

Tip From A Song Writer - "create simple, and catchy hooks"

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For me, one of the biggest things with my songs is always trying to be open and honest, lyrically. It’s sort of therapeutic to say things in lyrics that I otherwise wouldn’t say out loud, and I feel like that always makes for a more compelling listen too because it gives people something to connect with. We play pop music, so musically we’re trying to make stuff that's catchy and danceable, so it’s always a challenge to make compelling lyrics but still create simple, catchy hooks and choruses, but I also think that’s part of the fun of it. If you can get an emotional reaction from people while still getting them to dance and sing along, you’re golden.

- Ryan Lammers

Ryan Lammers performs with his band August Hotel around the midwest, and writes their own original music.

Discover more about Ryan Lammers and his music here.


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Sep 25

Tip From A Song Writer - "the truth will always set things in motion"

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Write a song? Life is a song. Someone loves you, it’s a song. Someone hates you, it’s a song. First write down what happened. Prose. Then, get angry and recognize and allow your feelings to live. When you even out, it will rhyme. Does the song always have to rhyme, no. Do listeners want it to rhyme, most often, yes.

Sep 25

Tip From A Song Writer - "it’s best to focus on “message""

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"I’m more of an emotional songwriter or you can say “storyteller.” I’ve learned as you continue to write and gain experience, the technical side, such as proper song structure, working out the melody and how to properly use vocal harmonies can be taught or will come naturally as you grow as an artist."

Sep 14

Tip From A Song Writer - "Keep Rewriting Until There Is No Doubt"

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"Songwriting can develop in one of two ways: either you develop an instrumental based on the tune in your mind and write lyrics to that, or you can write lyrics that you can develop a melody for later on."

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